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At AQG, our aim is to promote positive community engagement and participation around the stewardship of our shared wild spaces, while offering damn fine goods to the outdoor enthusiast and active nature seeker in each of us.


At Anupaya Quality Goods we are so deeply grateful for our wild spaces that we feel it is our duty and privilege to protect them. 

Through our ‘One Pound Promise’ initiative, we commit to restoring and preserving our wild spaces by removing at least one pound of waste for every item sold, by hosting and funding community cleanups across Canada.

So far, we've cleaned up 6,460 lbs of waste from our shared wild spaces and we're just getting started!! 

anupaya philosophy

One Pound Promise

Conscious Sourcing

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Committed to Community



Cleaning Up Is Hella Cool

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wild within journal

5 things to take hiking

There is nothing quite like getting outside into nature to bring us back home to ourselves.

We put away the timetable and the agenda. The deadlines, the meetings and the expectations.

And we just simply, fully, show up.

Nature's Rhythm

There is a rhythm in nature. 

A beautiful, barely perceptible orchestra plays the soundtrack of life itself.  It can be heard, but more so felt when we allow ourselves to become the audience.  When we place ourselves in the right seat and become still enough.

look up

We live in an insta world, folks.

In an age where we feel lost without our smart phones, when we are so deeply addicted to technology, it’s more crucial than ever to disconnect, slow down and take the time to genuinely, truly LOOK UP!

get outside. stay outside.

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